Content management and design patterns
[see also: workflow, scaffolding, boilerplate]
for quickly developing complex
web applications with various architectures

Current version: 0.2.1
Copy/paste your way to success

* This documentation (much like the project itself) is far from complete...please pardon our dust.

Blah blah darkwave makes the technical decisions for you so you can focus on what makes your app unique. something something gives you functional white-label ux patterns so you can build the functionality you need and configure to your heart's content.

copy/paste code for design patterns / ui components (+ necessary technology to implement functionality [reference to roll your own])

Core system

Darkwave can be configured to work with various architectures.
The core system is an admin web app with user authentication patterns and some helpful utility libraries.

core - UI Components (auth + admin)


- PHP & MySql
- use this one

download zip    source @ github


- NodeJS (Express) & MongoDB
source @ github


- STEREO front end
- LEXXI back end


- static html front end
- api spec

You also can write your own darkwave-compatible architecture by following the technical specifications.

UX Patterns


- UI Components


- UI Components


- UI Components


- UI Components


- UI Components


- UI Components

You also can write your own darkwave-compatible patterns by following the technical specifications.